The Official Rules of Blackjack that People Should Know

The Official Rules of Blackjack that People Should Know

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Do you fancy playing a game of blackjack? It is one of the recommended games to play in an online casino and it is certainly always packed with so many players in an actual one, so what better way to spend your time than to learn the rules of the game, right?

The good thing about learning the rules of blackjack is that the game is really simple. The basic premise is for the player to beat the dealer by getting a pair of cards that are equal to 21 or close to 21 in total value.

Being a skill-based game, it is important that the player knows the rules first so that they can craft a suitable strategy that will work for them. The said game is also forgiving for complete novices simply because of how easy the game really is.

Blackjack Explained

To get blackjack, your cards would have to be 21 in total numerical value. That means that you need to get both an ace card and any of the face cards to get to that exact value. Of course, this happens rarely, so another way for you to win the game is to get to a number that is closer to the number 21.

The game usually pay out 3:2 for the winner, though if you took out an insurance bet, the player can only get 2:1 (assuming if they win, of course). The insurance bet is an optional thing that you can take if the dealer has an ace card placed face-up.

So, assuming that everything works for you and you’ve wagered $200, you will get an additional $100 on top of that which amounts to $300.

Keep in mind that there are blackjack tables that offer an even 1:1 split. To be honest, do not even consider playing in these tables as they are considered a total waste of your time.

Basic Table Rules

Remember that you are only going to go up against the dealer and no one else. Sure, other players can also sit at the blackjack table at the same time, but you shouldn’t mind the others as they do not have any bearing on your game.

Anyway, the player will be asked to place their wager on the appropriate slot on the table. After which, the dealer will then start giving some cards directly from the shoe- a receptacle that handles the shuffled cards. The shoe will only be used if you play a blackjack game that uses more than one deck of cards.

Upon looking at your cards, you have a few options. If you like what you are seeing, you can stand and the round proceeds as it should. If not, you can hit and it will prompt the dealer to give you an additional card.

In the first round, if you really like your cards, you can choose double down on your offer and get an additional card in the process. Should you win the game, you will get double the prize money but it also hurts twice as much if you lose.

Remember that you should try to reach as close to the number 21 in total value as possible but in the event that you go beyond that, that will result in a bust which means that you automatically lose the game.